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Coaching for Amazing Women

We are here to live abundantly and beautifully as our true selves, espressing our unique selves in the world.  Anything less is living inauthentically.

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My Niche

Reconnect With Your Amazing Self, and Live Every Second from Her

I coach women on living athentically and being deeply rooted in their power.  I am big into understanding and directing our energy flows to help create and sustain the lives we most desire, even if we don't know exactly what that is yet.

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Rebecca's Coaching Services

We Have To Know Who We Are To Know What We Truely Want Our Lives To Be

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Remembering Who You Are

Somewhere along the way, we forget parts of us.  We leave them behind for our jobs, our kids, our partners, our parents, our social groups.  We don't do this on purpose, we do it because we've decided something else is more important, even temporarily.  Yet the more often we do this, the deeper our parts get pushed down.  I hold the space for you to remember who you truely are, remember what lights you up, and to create the life and outcomes you most desire.

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Living Deeply Connected To You

We all know what we want, even if we say we don't know.  When we remember who we are and what is truely important to us, we can release everything else in life that doesn't align with us.  Learning to live from our highest values creates so much space in our lives to be us, finally.

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Packages & Rates

Put You Into Focus

$5,000/13 sessions over 13 weeks

Initial Coaching Package

After we've had our consultation and decide to move forward with coaching, the fee is $5,000.  This fee covers 13 coaching sessions that are 50 minutes long, held over Zoom.

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Request a Consultation

We'll chat for 20-30 minutes to see if we are a good fit for each other.  If we decide that we want to move forward, we'll schedule the first coaching session.

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